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Clay Knoph

Students will be introduced to a variety of careers in the automotive industry through both theory and hands-on training. Instruction will cover shop safety, hand tools, auto parts, brakes, engine repair and rebuilding, ignition systems, fuel systems, wheel alignment, new car get-ready, service station skills, and tune-up and suspension systems.

Camille Garrett

Business Applications prepares students for employment in entry level positions requiring skills, knowledge and attitudes associated with using integrated computer software programs.  This course provides competencies in word processing and spreadsheet software programs, in addition to an opportunity for upgrading skills for individuals currently working in the computer field.  An introduction to desktop publishing, web support and the internet is also covered.

Sylvia Duran

The Business Office Skills course will train students in many aspects of the computerized business office.  Essential employability skills include personal, interpersonal and communications skills.  Students complete a personal portfolio including a resume, cover letter and job application in addition to practicing interviewing and job-seeking skills.  The content area skills include keyboarding, filing, ten key, record keeping, business documents (MS Word), telephone techniques, processing mail, email and other office related skills.  Students may continue in the MS Office course sequence to gain additional competencies desirable in today’s job market.  Additional course hours are available to students with special learning needs.

Lee Isley

This course is designed to develop entry-level skills in the operation of AutoCAD (computer-aided drafting) and design software.  This course offers a series of projects which feature AutoCAD drafting and design capabilities.  Students are introduced to three-dimensional (3-D) drawing, macros, customization, and Auto LISP concepts of AutoCAD.

Kyle Annis

This course is designed to prepare students with entry-level skills necessary to become a qualified construction apprentice.  Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the terminology of tools, materials and techniques necessary to function in carpentry and the construction industry.  They will also obtain an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the trade.  Students will be ale to perform carpentry skills necessary to acceptance as an apprentice carpenter.

Lisa Driggers

This is the foundation course for the Culinary Arts pathway.  Students will learn about the Food Service and Hospitality Industry and explore a variety of careers while learning and developing basic nutritional and food preparation skills.

Sylvia Duran

This course prepares students to provide customer service in a variety of settings including: service companies, call centers, order desks, help desks, and sales and technical support centers. Students will practice opening and closing credit accounts, resolving product and service problems and customer complaints, provide technical information and sales support, contacting delinquent accounts, and communicating with customers both in writing and in person.

Jacob Ellingson

This course provides introductory training in the art of Digital Photography.  Students will gain an understanding of the commercial applications of Digital Photography and explore career opportunities in the industry.  The artistic aspects of photography and composition are addressed together with the practical aspects of capturing and editing images.  Instruction includes using a Digital Camera, editing images using Digital Imaging Software, scanning and presentation.  Students will create a portfolio of original work for presentation.

Jacob Ellingson

This course provides the student with the employment skills to properly use the internet in a professional office environment.  The process of designing and maintain a Web Site will be covered as the student develops personal web pages.

Sylvia Duran

Students will become familiar with the legal process and learn office skills related to the legal profession with strengthened phone and organizational skills.  Students will also receive instruction on how to use legal reference books, proofread legal documents, and preparation and creation of documents using Microsoft Work and Corel WordPerfect.

Kerry Bernhardt & Leslie Stier

Professional Dance is for the student with previous dance experience who would like to explore and prepare for careers in the dance pathway. Students will learn the physical conditioning and preparation needed to prepare for post-secondary education and/or entry employment. Dance technique will be perfected in a variety of disciplines through a traditional dance class format and showcase performances.

Lee Isley

This is an introductory course into the growing filed of Robotics.  Students learn the basic concepts of robotics, study the technologies involved and work hands-on building and repairing various robots.  This course is a fun way to get involved in the exciting and challenging field of engineering.

Camille Garrett

Software Specialist prepares students for employment in entry level positions requiring skills, knowledge and attitudes associated with using integrated computer software programs.  Software Specialist provides competencies in database management, graphics presentation and desktop information management concepts and techniques.  Web support for each program is covered.

Sports Medicine
Krista Schweers

This competency-based course prepares students for entry-level positions in the sports medicine industry. Included in the course is an introduction of the care, prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.